30.05. - 01.06.2013 Darkness Rising Festival @ Beograd

Blasphemy Promotions и Misanthropic Intolerance од 30.05. дo 01.06.2013-Белград го претвораат во домаќин на интернационалниот black metal фестивал - Darkness Rising.
Хедлајнери на фестивалот се
Покрај нив, во три дена на овој open-air фестивал,
ќе настапат уште 23 black metal бендови.

Desaster (Germany) Frostmoon Eclipse (Italy) Simargal (Serbia)
Horna (Finland) Arkona (Poland) Ater Era (Slovenia)
Enthroned (Belgium) Silva Nigra (Czech) Svartgren (Serbia)
Behexen (Finland) Somrak (Slovenia) Triumfall (Serbia)
Infernal War (Poland) Sekhmet (Czech) Samrt (Serbia)
Urfaust (Netherlands) Handful Of Hate (Italy) Terrörhammer (Serbia)
Sargeist (Finland) The One (Greece) Prognan (Croatia)
Fides Inversa (Italy) The True Endless (Italy) Zloslut (Serbia)
Inferno (Czech) Emptiness (Belgium) + T.B.A.

Фестивалот ќе се одржи од 30.05. до 01.06.2013 во предградие на Белград,
населбата Рипањ, во подножјето на планината Авала,
на отворен простор со обезбеден камп за посетителите на фестивалот.

На фестивалот ќе има штандови со храна и пијалок по промотивни цени.

До местото на фестивалот може да се стигне со градски превоз, воз, такси, како и организиран превоз од страна на фестивалот.
Подетални информации за пристигнување на локацијата на фестивалот
ќе биде објавена на официјалниот сајт на фестивалот.

Цената на тродневната влезница до 15ти јануари ќе биде 30 евра,
а како ќе се приближува датумот за фестивалот,
така и цената на картите ќе се зголемува.

Па, веќе од 16ти јануари ќе биде 40 евра,
од 1ви април 50 евра,
а на денот на почеток на фестивалот, ќе се продаваат по цена од 60 евра.
Влезници за поединечен ден на концертот
ќе се продаваат по цена од 25 и 30 евра,а ќе можат да се купат дури во април.

Three day tickets:
21.12. - 15.01. 30eur promo tickets
16.01. - 31.03. 40eur reduced pre-sale price
01.04. - 29.05. 50eur regular price
30.05. - 01.06. 60eur price in time of event

One day tickets:
(Available starting April 2013)
01.04. - 29.05. 25eur
30.05. - 01.06. 30eur

Резервација на карти за Македонија може да се изврши на следните маил адреси:

инфо контакт:

TBP020 - BLASPHERERION - 'Apocal Ur-Chaos' CDr

* Serbia again attacks with FURY, HATRED and BLASPHEMY!
This is the debut demo of BLASPHERERION, re-released on CDR with two more bonus tracks. The CDr comes in a carton box with insert page filled with lyrics. 5 demonic tracks of pure occult and classic death metal with blackened touch as well.
Massive blasphemic sonority!

price: 1,5eur + postage (trades are welcomed)

***OUT NOW!!! SUMMER 2011***

INFEST - 'Everlasting Genocide' CD

*More then honoured to present you the first professional released on TERROR BLAST!
Who else then long time brothers INFEST! Their third full-length, more bestial and compact then ever before! First 100 orders will receive their debut full length-'Anger Will Remain' CDR as a bonus-price: 6 eur+postage!


*Finally the split between the PAGANFIRE and MODER is out!!!
Both of the bands did recordings in their rehersal rooms and brought rawness in their new tracks. MODER splitted up after this recording,so this is the bands last rehersal caught on tape. 9 tracks in total. This tape release comes with folding profi printed color booklet and stickers for the tape.

* * *
MARK OF CAIN (Canada) - ' Programmed Decimation' debut CD (brutal death/grind)

* 24.01.2011 - All TERROR BLAST releases and items from the distro list can be now payed through PAY PAL, so ask for the account, cause I'm using my friends PAY PAL account!

***OUT NOW!!! WINTER 2010/2011***

JANE DARK - 'Voices from the Deep'

Here is another debut, from another brilliant Serbian trio. JANE DARK are pure addicts of the old Europeand death metal. They kept their material for some time now, until now when we joined our forces and released their material through Terror Blast! It comes on 6 page full colour booklet, with all the lyrics and info. The CDR itself is with a sticker on it!
Deadly and doomy, obscure and atmospheric, blending their influences from Carcass, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Dismember... Demons are unleashed beware!
price: 2,5 eur / 150den.

* * * COMING SOON * * *
MODER / PAGANFIRE - split tape
Both bands has been preparing for this split for some time now. In meantime MODER got splitted so, this material would be one of their last releases, until new forces been found! Both bands will participate with materials recorded in their rehersal rooms!

* * * Another RIP OFF alert! * * *
This guy asked me to trade our zines and PEGAZUS CD, after few emails, he said he sent out his pack,I've sent mine 3-4 days after his. After a month or so, he started asking me about my package claiming that he never received it. On my side I also haven't got his and he even started acting pissed off wasting time with me.Well, I never got his pack and guess what this asshole, releaed new issue of his zine and inside you can read reviews of the stuff I sent him and he still speaks lies that he never got my package. So, beware this guy is not one of those that don't have label,zine or band, this guy really has a zine but is a liar, traitor, poser and RIP-OFF! Spread his name and boycot the gipsy! This is his adress:
Inferno metal zine:
C/o:Oscar Gutierrez
Av. Ferrocarril norte numero 21
Santa ana Chiautempan Tlaxcala
Tlaxcala Mexico
HE is pretty much active on myspace and I provide you with his myspace soon.

NIHILIST / NADIMAC - 'After a decade in hate (alive) / Metal je Rat'

This is the split that was scheduled for couple of years back. Originally it was planned to be between NIHILIST and KILL YOUR FAITH, but KYF were not asnwering the last emails, so we pick these great Serbian thrash/speed metal act NADIMAC. This is co-release between TERROR BLAST and CHASOPHERE prod. It contains 10 page booklet with all the lyrics and the CDR itself is pro-done with print on it and it is multimedia format with two videos of NIHILIST and one by NADIMAC.
price: 150den / 2,5eur

INFEST - 'Onward to Destroy'

* 01.07.2009 - TERROR BLAST DISTROLIST have been updated with more bestial stuff from Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Montenegro, France, Spain...

*Soon the split NIHILIST / KILL YOUR FAITH would be finally released on TERROR BLAST along with CHAOSPHERE Prod. It will carry pro-done CDr and 10 full colour page booklet!

* 10.06.2009 - I know that many of you had problems visiting both of my web sites, but it was problem with the hosting server, so please just be patient if same problems appears in the future.

* As you already realized finally we have brand new logo for Terror Blast, made by the hands of my brother Milovan from Adzove Vrbe Records!

* * * OUT NOW!!! - summer 2009 * * *
INFERNAL DOMINION - 'Salvation through infinite suffering'

9 years after this CD has been released and band split up in meantime, finally it is available through Terror Blast Production on tape with all the lyrics and totally new artwork and design.

RIOTOR - 'Fucking Metal''

Canada brings some new acts that really appreciates the TRUE metal sound and spirit, the best example are RIOTOR. Their second demo finally available on tape and as bonus you'll get their first demo 'Death and Destruction' and one live track with all the lyrics. Get your copy now of these bestial thrash/speed onslaught!

* We all lost one more dedicated metalhead, this time from Serbia, the editor of the thrash metal fanzine THE VAULT and vocalist of the thrash metal horde SPACE EATER, BOSKO RADISIC! R.I.P. brother!

He was dedicated maniac that appraoched to the metal with big enthusiasm and love for the genre, people like this are rare to be seen in the underground,
my respect to everything you did for the Serbian and Balkan metal in general.

*07.03.2009 - The distrolist have been updated with more fresh and tasty items from different parts of the world: Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, Poland, Serbia...
Few tapes are in plan for releasing through Terror Blast Production:
INFEST - tape version of their second album
PAGANFIRE / MODER - split tape
and maybe few more...

BY YOUR OWN CHOICE (thanks to Paragon Records)!

По ваш избор!

* Последните копии од EMBRYOTOMY и сплитот на FORMLESS TERROR се сеуште достапни, кој не ги набавил сеуште нека побрза!
* Наскоро нови копии на деби албумот на ARHONT и најновото дигипак издание на
MAY RESULT-'Slava Smrti' ќе биде достапно, резервирајте копии на време!


- 'Deadly Polution'
split CDr between two Serbian thrash/speed hordes.
Young, talented and ready to fuck your head!
MARAS - 'Raskol'
First full-length of the Macedonian pagan black metal horde.
Pro-done CDr and profesionally printed booklet
NOMAD - 'The Independence of Observation Choice'
Pro done tape version of their latest output. Non compromising atmospheric death metal.
Brutal and catchy!

*16.02.2009 - Сите кои се заинтересирани да набават некое од изданијата на Terror Blast или од насловите од дистро-листата, нека ми пишат на маил или од табела на дистрибутери на фанзинот ВАМПИР (
www.vampirzine.tk)можат да нарачаат преку дистрибутерот од нивниот град. Следат уште неколку касетни изданија!

* Due to some problems with the bank taxes that are pretty much higher for the foreign orders, I advice you to use the good old way of ordering by sending a letter with well-hidden cash. But. it's up to you.

* Infest released a promotional three track material entitled 'Christ Denial' and signed a deal with a Czech UG label Zero Budget Production for their 2nd full-length.
Infest Contact: Sokolovic Zoran | Kosovska 6 | 35000 Jagodina | Serbia

Here are some RIP-OFF ALERTS!
This bastards doesen't deserve a second of your attention and need to be destroyed right at this same moment. People from the scenes where they are coming from must take care of such imbeciles and make them dissapear from the face of the earth.

This guy is presenting himself as a editor of a non existing zines Headbanger, Occultism and Deaththrasher. He is from Peru and this is the adress he is using or variations of the same:
Avenida Morro Solar 1710 | Residencial Montericco Sur | Santiago de Surco Lima 33 | Peru

I had doubts whether to put this name here, cause of my respect towards his deeds for the metal in the ex-YU terittories. But, even after so many years of collaboration, this guy sold out the copies I gave him for Vampir#11 and I never got my money. I wrote to him maybe 10 e-mail and remained unanswered. I even sent couple of Serbian friends of mine in his METAL SHOP 'MORDOR', but never managed to find him and I heard only once that he told to one guy something like, Darko need to write me an e-mail and tell me that I can give you the money to you,so I cannot give you his money:)? As I said if he checks his e-mail he'll found my e-mails, instead he decided to steal a money from a zine. What a shame! Boycot his METAL SHOP 'MORDOR' and his publications Rock Express and Metal Express.


* Bands, labels, distros sent your items and request lists and don't forget to ask for wholesale prices. We have special discounts if you order several copies of our releases or from the catalogue.

* Zine editors sent your proof of existence to receive a package with Terror Blast releases.


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